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Petition für freie bibliographische Daten

Im Wiki der  Open Knowledge Foundation ist eine Petition an die Library of Congress hinterlegt, in der Aaron Swartz (offenbar Initiator der Petition), Peter Suber, Tim Spalding, Bruce D’Arcus, David Weinberger und andere den freien Zugang zu Katalogdaten fordern. Die Petition kann unterzeichnet und kommentiert werden. Aus dem Text:

The draft report of the Library of Congress’s Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control features many interesting suggestions. In particular we wholeheartedly endorse the vision of a bibliographic ecosystem which is „collaborative, decentralized, international in scope and web-based“. However, we are concerned that the report lacks any discussion of a key component for any future of bibliographic data: open licensing and access. (…)

Bibliographic records are key part of our shared cultural heritage. They too should therefore be made available to the public for access and re-use without restriction. (…)

Government agencies and public institutions are increasingly making data open. We strongly encourage the Library of Congress to join this movement by recommending that more bibliographic data is made available for access, re-use and re-distribution without restriction.

Autor: Lambert Heller

Librarian 2.0, interested in knowledge management, publishing and communities on the web. Likes Open Access / Open Data. Hannover, Germany.

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