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Grey Video: Beatles/Jay-Zee VIDEO mashup will delight you

Unter obigem Titel meldet Boing Boing:

DJ Danger Mouse came to fame when he remixed the Beatles‘ „White Album“ with Jay-Zee’s „Black Album“ and called the result the „Grey Album.“ EMI, who hold the Beatles‘ copyright, went nuts and threatened to sue anyone who hosted the MP3s. This led to Downhill Battle’s Grey Tuesday protest.
Now someone has made a video for one of the Grey Album tracks, „Encore,“ in which black and white Beatles footage (I’m guessing „A Hard Day’s Night“) and desaturated footage from a Jay-Zee performance are artfully combined with new footage and CGI (Ringo scratching! John breakdancing!) to make one of the funniest, coolest, and most illegal music videos I’ve ever seen. Go download it now before the lawsuits start.

Und wahrhaftig, das Ergebnis ist viel zu schön, um nicht innerhalb kürzester Zeit von einer Heerschar talentierter EMI-Anwälte zur Strecke gebracht zu werden.

Autor: Lambert Heller

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