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Das Internet und die Krise der New York Times

Joi Ito macht auf einen guten Artikel bei BusinessWeek online (Benutzername: netbib; PaÃ?wort: weblog) aufmerksam, in dem die Krise der New York Times analysiert wird. Dem Artikel zufolge kämpft die NYTimes um die richtige Ã?berlebensstrategie im Internet-Zeitalter:

The New York Times, like all print publications, faces a quandary. A majority of the paper’s readership now views the paper online, but the company still derives 90% of its revenues from newspapering. „The business model that seems to justify the expense of producing quality journalism is the one that isn’t growing, and the one that is growing — the Internet — isn’t producing enough revenue to produce journalism of the same quality,“ says John Battelle, a co-founder of Wired and other magazines and Web sites.

Autor: Lambert Heller

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