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Libraries Build Communities

Jochen Dudeck hatte hier erst neulich auf die (noch weithin unterschätzte Rolle) von Communities für die Bibliothek der Zukunft hingewiesen. Nun meldet Steven Cohen seine Beteiligung an einem Buch zu dem Thema. In einem dazugehörigen Weblog wird man dem Buch beim Entstehen zuschauen können – oder auch als Community der LeserInnen zum Entstehen beitragen.

Libraries Build Communities is a blog that will be used to support a book that Chrystie R. Hill and I are writing. We just signed the contract with ALA Editions are very excited to research, learn, and collaborate with each other.
The book will deliver to librarians a process-based approach to community building based not only on what libraries have done in the past but ideas for future community building as well (online and off). Using case studies and theories from social network analysis, social capital, and public places, we hope to deliver practical methods for libraries of all shapes and sizes.

Autor: Lambert Heller

Librarian 2.0, interested in knowledge management, publishing and communities on the web. Likes Open Access / Open Data. Hannover, Germany.

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