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Timo Hannay über Web 2.0 in Science

Timo Hannay hat einen hübschen Ã?berblicks-Artikel über Web 2.0 in Science geschrieben:

For all but a very small number of widely read titles, the day of the print journal seems to be almost over. Yet to see this development as the major impact of the web on science would be extremely narrow-minded (…) the webâ??s major impact will be on the way that science itself is practiced.

The barriers to full-scale adoption are not only (or even mainly) technical, but rather social and psychological. (… The) long-term trends are already unmistakable: greater specialization in research, more immediate and open information-sharing, a reduction in the size of the â??minimum publishable unit,â?? productivity measures that look beyond journal publication records, a blurring of the boundaries between journals and databases, reinventions of the roles of publishers and editors, greater use of audio and video, more virtual meetings. (…)


(Quelle: Hannay, T. „Web 2.0 in Science,“ CTWatch Quarterly, Volume 3, Number 3, August 2007.)

P.S. Hallo zurück nach längerem Urlaub, der zugleich eine Blogpause war … sowas fällt bei Netbib ja glücklicherweise nicht so auf, weils noch andere AutorInnen gibt. 😉

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