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Der kurioese Bibliotheksbote worinnen zu finden sind allerley newe Zeitungen

Elsevier: Ausdrucken, scannen, dann fernleihen

This grant applies only to journals published by Elsevier. Other publishers have different conditions or may not permit interlibrary loans. The licensor grants the subscriber the right to use articles from subscribed content in the case of ScienceDirect as source material for interlibrary loans subject to the following conditions:
* The ILL request comes from an academic or other non-commercial, non-corporate research library located in the same country as the subscriber.
* The requested article is printed by the subscriber and mailed, faxed or transmitted by Ariel (or a similar ILL system) to the requesting library.

Tatsächlich: Das sind die Regeln von Elsevier, was elektronisch abrufbare Zeitschriften anbelangt. Unglaublich, aber wahr.

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