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Der kurioese Bibliotheksbote worinnen zu finden sind allerley newe Zeitungen

The Librarian Sisterhood

engl., 15.24.

„My foray into short film mak­ing starts with Richard Garland’s mock­u­men­tary, “The Librar­ian Sis­ter­hood” which I edited. Watch it, if you dare!This short film was cre­ated for the EKU Libraries Fall 2011 all-staff meet­ing. I came up with this idea sev­eral months ago, but numer­ous peo­ple helped bring it to fruition. I hope every­one enjoys watch­ing it half as much as we enjoyed mak­ing it. I should point out that this in no way reflects EKU Libraries. No patron was harmed in the mak­ing of this film. –Richard Garland
Music by Kevin MacLeod“

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Mal wieder etwas aus bibvideo, ein Bibliothekskrimi …

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