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Gary Price and Peter Suber Discuss Open Access

„Gary Price, Editor, infoDOCKET and Peter Suber, Director of the Harvard Open Access Project and the Harvard Office for Scholarly Communication discuss key issues in the Open Access (OA) movement. Questions include:
– What can librarians and libraries do today to move open access forward?
– What are some of the key open access issues authors and librarians don’t understand?
– How sustainable are the 70% of open access publishers that don’t charge fees?
– What can librarians say to publishers that aren’t already thinking about open access?
– What are your thoughts about predatory publishing and possible solutions to it?
– What can be done to help improve discovery of open access materials?
– What are your concerns regarding open access funding and mandate issues?
– What’s being done to increase awareness of open access among high school students?
– How and why did you become so passionate about the open access movement?“

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